Ultimaas did not rock at day 2 of outdoor competition

April 24, Den Bosch

Our Open and Women’s team fought hard on the second competition day yesterday. With some hail and strong winds, we weren’t able to bring any wins home, but made the other teams fight hard for every point and had a great day playing at the same location!



MSV Sante clinic

19th of March, Maastricht

We hosted a clinic for MSV Sante (Health Sciences study association by UM). We first went through the basics of Ultimate, such as throwing technique, defense, and cutting (suddenly changing your direction in order to get free from your defender), and then we finally played Ultimate in 2 scrimmages with 4 teams.

Ultimaas had a blast, and we believe we can say the same about Sante. Thanks for coming!

Discs are IN!

February, Maastricht

160 of these beauties have arrived to our living room! Cheers to Nina Tupper for creating the original idea and David Roschewitz for creating the design itself (:


Indoor Competition 2015/16

28th of February, Arnhem
After fighting hard and running our asses off in 4 competition days, we finished the indoor finals with an awesome 19th place for the guys (who played savage!) and 7th place for the ladies (:

Aren’t we beautiful and awesome in general?

PS: if you don’t know what ‘playing savage’ means, you need to start playing with Ultimaas and you’ll figure it out quickly.


6th rank in the outdoor mixed championship

On the 11th of October, the Ultimaas team continued its rise in the Dutch Frisbee league. We achieved the 6th rank in the outdoor mixed championship. With a loss in the first game after a long journey to Veenendaal, we managed to fight for a win in the second game of the day. In the last game, a hard and intense yet fair endeavour, we solidified our position as one of the top teams in the country, but did not manage to beat our opponents. It was a very well spirited day, and a great start for this year’s competitive season(s).

Success for Ultimaas at the Mixed Championship

2015-16 Kick-off event

On Sunday, August 30, Ultimaas will host a practice with subsequent drinks. The practice will most likely be hosted at Sportpark West and starts at 15.00. Afterwards, we will grab drinks and some food at Via Regia 111B.

The practice will mostly consist of fun games with frisbees. If you are new to ultimate, we will show you the basics and you can get to know the sport and the team.

Bring your friends and everyone you always wanted to introduce to ultimate. Looking forward to meeting you!

Find us during Inkom!

It’s Inkom (introduction week for new students) and we will be around. Look out for people throwing a disc, running around in their Ultimaas shirts, or come to the Griend (https://goo.gl/WqJaus) on Thursday. We’ll be there during the sports day, playing some mini and box games and handing out some of our new flyers:square final back

square front final

postcard front final

postcard final black and white

New training location

The new academic year is about to start and our old fields at the Akersteenweg will give way to new residential buildings. That means we have to move. Our practices now take place at Sportpark Zuid, which is in the south-east of Maastricht. The address is Maastrichterweg 7 (https://goo.gl/O0SY6I) and we will train there twice a week: On Mondays from 19-21.00 and on Thursdays from 20-21.30.

New training location