DREAM TEAM with UltiGo/VertiMaas @ the Dutch Ultimate Mixed Championships 2014

Frisbee is fun. Competition days are fun. Playing savage can be fun. But playing savage at the Dutch Ultimate Mixed Competition was not a really desirable aim of Ultimaas. Long story made short, we decided to send one team together with our friends from Vertigo, Eindhoven. And finally, the day has come. First Sunday after Uni has started, September 7. Everyone is still in summer vacation mode (in every way) and somewhat ready to take the first train on early Sunday morning from Maastricht to Zwolle, four Frisbee matches in Division 5 ahead of us. As we had never played with but just against Vertigo before, it took us some time to get the flow and to get into the game. We had a really tight game against BFrisBee2’s from Nijmegen but they managed to score the universe point. In the end, we stayed in Division 5 but that did not prevented us from celebrating ourselves and performing some team building exercises at Utrecht Centraal.

Just two weeks later, similar setup. Early Sunday morning, first train from Maastricht, train replacements on our way to far-away Veenendaal (you figured, everything is far away if you’re traveling from Maastricht) but we again made it in time for our first match. The first points revealed: we got the flow! We won the first two games against Bluefingers and UTKA 2 quite clearly, then we got to play against BFrisBee2’s again. Again, universe point. The winner takes it all. Last time, it was BFrisBee2’s. But this time, we put all our energy in that last point of the game. And it was worth while, 5:6 for UltiGo! The last match went smooth and spirited and since we got first in our pool we got promoted to Division 4!

One more day to go, October 12. You know the story by now. Early Sunday morning, first train from Maastricht to Amsterdam, train replacement in between. However, some problems on the tracks delayed our trains and it took us five hours to get to the fields. Too late for our first game. Fortunately, Vertigo and Paul made it on time and some random pickup players helped us out. We changed on the bus, hurried to the fields and were ready to join during the first game. It may be due to our non-existing warm-up or due to our exhausting train ride, we lost our first game against NUTS on universe. But it was not Ultimaas if we had not brought team food for everyone; delicious wraps to fill with everything you can imagine. Strengthened again, we were ready for our second and third game against MUG and UFO 3. While giving everything, including some awesome layouts, lots of emotions and crazy catches, we managed to win both games clearly. Eventually, we ended up in a tie with those two teams since they had also won two games and lost one game. The point balance showed that our Dream Team got promoted again! We just turned our back on Division 4 and went to Division 3 straight ahead.

We want to thank Vertigo, our players and all other teams for this amazing Mixed Competition! Looking forward to sending a joint team to some other tournaments as well 🙂

DSC_0921 DSC_0943 DSC_0928 DSC_0884 DSC_0676 DSC_0001


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