Ultimaas Ladies rocked again!

Here is a summary written by Marriane:

What a day today for the Women’s Ultimaas Team!
Here is my side of the story…

I joined the team by the end of February when I arrived in Maastricht for my exchange semester. From the right beginning, I was warmly welcomed by Ultimaas whose members quickly gave me the basics of Ultimate (as a French, I had no clue about frisbee.. “Is that a sport?”). I just wanted to pick up a new sport and that was definitely the best choice I ever made since settling here.

Today was my second competition day and we were about to play savage (eventually, we got one substitute for the two last games!). It was going to be tough for sure.
But we did it! We won our 3 games and I am really grateful for my awesome teammates. I learnt a lot again today and enjoyed my time with you ladies! Best Team! See you soon on the field!
– Marianne Côte



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