Ultimaas Indoor Competition

Who needs Carnival when you can play frisbee instead?

The Women’s and Open team – starting off as usually (with car, bus and train trouble) – had a lot of fun at their last Indoor Competition Day.

The Guys finished their first game by winning 10-7 against UTKA 1. They fought hard on their last two games, but couldn’t manage to win.

After arriving at the Sports Hall in Arnhem 10 minutes before the first game started, the Ultimaas ladies took some time to wake up in their first game, which resulted in a loss against UFO Dames 2. However, the Ladies took the chance and came back with two wins against Crunch and our traditional last opponent Force Electro.

With painting our faces accordingly, cheering for each other during and dance sessions between our games – Ultimaas finished the day with 12th place for the Guys, 5th place for the Ladies and the Ladies winning the Spirit prize together with Almere Spinner.

We are all excited for Outdoor season!Ultimaas-Last Indoor Competition Day 2017 1.JPG




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