Dutch Indoor Nationals: Ultimaas‘ women’s team promoted to division 1!

by Merit Geldmacher

On November 16th, the day had come. It was the first of four Dutch Ultimate Indoor Competition days. This year it is the first time that we are sending a women’s team, so we took the train to Arnhem on that Sunday morning and we were really excited to show the other teams that Ultimaas’ ladies have it! Thanks a lot to Kristin from Aachen who joined and supported us.

Since there are just 10 women’s teams participating, we were divided into “Division East” and Division West”. Our first game in Division East was against BFrisbee2’s from Nijmegen. It was a very tight match and in the end we lost on universe. That made us even more ambitious for the other three games that were yet to come. New game, new luck – against Vertigo from Eindhoven. We scored many points and were eager to give everything which ensured us victory. After a short break we played our next game against Airborn. They won the match quite clearly but encouraged us to keep it up for the last game. And indeed, our last game against Tijgers from Veenendaal was tight in the beginning but we braced ourselves, got into the right flow and eventually won.

While we were waiting for our train at Arnhem Centraal, we found out that we ended up second in our pool and thus got promoted to Division 1! We celebrated at the station and had a fun yet delayed train ride back to Maastricht.

On December 7th the second competition day will take place and both our open and our women’s team will play in Eindhoven. Cross your fingers and cheer for us!

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