Dutch indoor finals approaching

The third day of the Dutch indoor championships is over, which means there is only one day left. On February 22, the Ultimaas ladies’ and open team will finish this indoor season, but how have they been doing so far?

The ladies
Starting into the season seeded last, they upset the seeding on their first appearance and made it to the first division on day one of the competition. They have stayed there ever since and won more games each day. They are entering the finals seeded fourth, which means they will face the UFO ladies in the quarterfinal, who won all their games in division two on the last competition day.

The guys
Starting in division 5, the guys clearly took the win on the first and second competition day, and played in division three on the third competition day. For the first time this season, they did not promote to a higher division at the end of the day, but promised to follow WAF to division two soon. So far, the guys accumulated most wins (11 out fo 12) and the highest score difference (+97).

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